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Welcome to Guilford, Surrey, England. Home of my Victorian themed legacy following the Norrington family. Founded by young Stuart Norrington, an orphan with nothing but a plot of land and a dream.
While not playing for points, I do my best to follow the rules and guidelines. Due to the time period, I also play by the following handicaps:

1) No pre-marital or extra-marital woohoo within the legacy family. When the spares marry or move out, they're free to live by their own standards. Regardless of whether their chosen lifestyles cause others to look down on them.
2) Only try for baby, no contraceptives.
3) Male heirs, except in extenuating circumstances. Times are changing and it's no longer against the law for females to inherit.
4) No modern appliances, electronics except the phone, smoke alarm and 'typewriter' (also the typewriter/computer can only be used for writing novels, sending and receiving letters/emails, journal keeping/blogging and writing term papers)
5) Any young men looking to marry my young ladies, must befriend the father or head of household before any proposal can go forth.
6) Females won't be taking jobs outside the home except for education, music, the arts, or anything else that can be considered refined. A young lady or wife could work in their husband/father's business if necessary but no one from the higher class would be caught doing so.
Note: This legacy is rated PG13. It contains subjects of a mature matter that should be viewed with discretion
Generation One: Stuart Norrington

Chapter 1.1, Chapter 1.2, Chapter 1.3, Chapter 1.4, Chapter 1.5, Chapter 1.6, Chapter 1.7, Chapter 1.8,

Generation Two: Asher Norrington

Chapter 2.1, Chapter 2.2, Chapter 2.3, Chapter 2.4

Norrington Family Tree:

Version 2.0

I hope those of you who have viewed this will stay interested in the the future. Until then, happy simming!
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chap 2.3 < > chap 2.5 to come
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